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Saturday, September 23, 2023
"Ukrainska Pravda" reported that the company "Konkord", owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, lost its contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense, and the employees of this company were dismissed without...

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Fashion & Showbiz

Fashion & Showbiz

Make the most hydrating 3-ingredient face mask for breakfast

So if today's Sunday breakfast includes avocado, yogurt and honey, then you can of course - if there is a desire and there is...

Gigi Hadid shows us how to wear black this summer – sheer and no bra

This is what she did with her last appearance on Paris. Gigi Hadid was in Paris on the occasion of Fashion Week for...

Mermaid Hair: 3 Ways to Embrace This Summer’s Trend

And if you want to dress up this summer - “reincarnate” into little Ariel, adopting the trend Mermaid in your hairTik Tokers in front...

Amazing real names of (very) famous people

Academy Award winning actors, comedians who had to "Americanize" their names and many more are on this list where you'll find out what the...

Ronaldo, neighbor uprising in Lisbon: ‘Enough work, construction site for 3 years’

It is neither a house nor a pharaonic villa. All the media in the world call it: "The house as big as a...



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“I became a millionaire thanks to this Shit Coin”: Is it still possible in 2023?

From hook to hook, the crypto craze is only growing. In 2023, the cryptocurrency markets experienced a thrilling roller coaster ride, gaining nearly...

The hypnosis that makes your fingers feel bigger (or smaller).

When done in a scientific way, hypnosis can really change the way our brain works. We are not talking...

Wall Street, Europe and China

if (utag_data.switchAdv2017 == false || typeof(utag_data.switchAdv2017) == "undefined") { jQuery("#rcsad_Bottom1").after(" In the chart showing the revaluation (or loss) of 10,000 euros invested in early January, it...

Top 6 of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now and keep in your Wallet for a long time!

From Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, there are thousands of different cryptocurrencies, which can be overwhelming when...