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Fashion & Showbiz

Fashion & Showbiz

4 Cool Pants Styles For The Days You Don’t Want To Wear Jeans

Many of us choose this timeless set for everyday looks, especially on days when we don't know what to wear. The charm of...

6 famous actors who faced sex tape scandals

Of course, sex tapes aren't just limited to actors. There have been related scandals involving rock stars or those simply known for their...

Taylor Hill: The product she uses for no-makeup makeup

Outside of work, her daily beauty routine Taylor Hill it's just the opposite. “I do almost nothing – at least,” he says in...

Hailey Bieber: the swimwear she wears every summer

OUR Hailey Bieber, through his Instagram account, often shares pictures of his vacations and quieter moments with his fans. Vacationing in Hawaii or...

5 Times Zeta Macripuglia Inspired Carefree Summer Hairstyles

Summer beauty looks created by Zeta Makripulias, you will not find frills, but only one unpretentious simplicity. She not only refuses makeup, emphasizing...



Must Read

Everything you need to know about the re-reboot of your favourite childhood flick.



Dazn, still problems with Serie A matches and inefficiencies with La Liga around the world

After the problems of yesterday, Saturday 13 August, in the four advances of the first day of the championship, also today Sunday 14 August, there are several inefficiencies for...

Famous movie characters are no longer allowed to smoke. Studios change history, players are pissed

What you will read in analysisPublishing companies for newly shot movies and TV series they remove cigarettes from all scenes.leads to changing the basic...