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Hyundai Motor Company takes the lead to create a hydrogen mobility ecosystem in the Czech Republic

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Empathize with the role of hydrogen cars in the era of energy transition
Collaboration throughout the cycle, including the development of hydrogen vehicles and the hydrogen supply chain

In attendance were Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy Changyang Li (back row left) and Petro Mervart of the Czech Republic (back row right), Hyundai Glovis Executive Director Kim Ki-chul (front row left), Hyundai Motor Company Executive Vice President Shin Seung-gyu. , Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Chairman Moon Jae-do, HYTEP Vice Chairman Martin Paidar, Orlen Unipetrol Director Thomas Herink and Zebra Group CEO Peter Ihak sign a multilateral business agreement.

Hyundai Motor Company, together with the Korean-Czech Hydrogen Association and hydrogen-related private companies from both countries, will form the basis for the hydrogen industry in the Czech Republic.

On the 28th (local time) at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic, Hyundai Motor held “HYTEP (HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM)” and “Hydrogen Convergence Alliance” (H2KOREA), a public-private forum to promote hydrogen supply in Korea , Hyundai Glovis and the Czech “ZEBRA Group (ZEBRA GROUP)”)” and “ORLEN Unipetrol” signed a multilateral memorandum of understanding with 13 companies and institutions to create a hydrogen mobility ecosystem in the Czech Republic.

The signing ceremony was attended by Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Li Chang Yang, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Czech Republic Petro Mervaert, Chairman of Hydrogen Fusion Alliance Moon Jae-do, Vice Chairman of HYTEP Martin Paidar, Managing Director of Hyundai Motor Company Shin Seung Kyu was present , Managing Director of Hyundai Glovis Kim Ki-chul and others.

This agreement was developed on the basis of a common recognition that hydrogen will play an important role at a time when the global energy paradigm is shifting from fossil fuels to clean, affordable and reliable energy.

MoU members from both countries, including Hyundai Motor, are promoting ▶ hydrogen information sharing ▶ hydrogen mobility production and demonstration ▶ hydrogen charging and transportation infrastructure ▶ hydrogen production technology development and demonstration.

The construction of the hydrogen ecosystem in the Czech Republic will start in earnest thanks to cooperation throughout the entire cycle, from hydrogen production to storage, transport and disposal. By supplying hydrogen fuel cell systems to Czech companies participating in MoUs such as the Zebra Group and supporting related technologies, Hyundai is helping to develop hydrogen mobility, such as small multipurpose hydrogen trucks optimized for the Czech market. Through this, local Czech companies are planning to produce hydrogen vehicles such as multi-purpose hydrogen commercial vehicles and carry out various demonstration programs for commercialization.

Using the characteristics of a specialized supply chain management (SCM) company, Hyundai Glovis plans to provide hydrogen power distribution throughout the hydrogen supply chain from production to disposal, as well as transportation services such as hydrogen commercial vehicle parts, assembly equipment and hydrogen charging station facilities. .

We will also cooperate on building a hydrogen infrastructure to expand hydrogen energy supplies and hydrogen mobility. The Hydrogen Fusion Alliance and Hyundai Motor will share know-how in the construction and operation of hydrogen charging stations in Korea to expand the infrastructure of hydrogen charging stations in the Czech Republic, as well as support technologies related to hydrogen charging stations. The hydrogen production sector contributes to the development of environmentally friendly hydrogen production technologies and lower production costs. Hydrogen associations and companies from both countries participating in the Memorandum of Understanding are planning to conduct joint feasibility studies, joint technology development cooperation, and demonstration projects for the production of hydrogen using renewable energy and low-carbon energy sources.

A spokesman for Hyundai Motor said: “This joint project will serve as a cornerstone for hydrogen mobility, which will play an important role in changing the paradigm of the Czech automotive industry. I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

Reporter Lee Ji Wang anew@edaily.co.kr

Source: Economist

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