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Century Financial announces the launch of a range of diverse programs to support and empower youth

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To promote intergenerational solidarity, Century Financial’s responsible officials have decided to raise the level of education as an important strategy for empowering the younger generation.
At the top of the list is the Coordinated Differentiation Training Program, which helps introduce the different aspects of the labor market to the trainees joining the company. The second initiative, EducateNow, aims to align educational institutions with industry-leading sustainable practices to reduce distances. Century’s third initiative, Free-Clutter Friday, encourages the involvement of all segments of society in the Recycling «OROC» campaign led by the Emirates Environmental Working Group.
Mr. Pal Kreishen, CEO and Chairman of Century Financial, said: “Our most important mission today is to encourage today’s youth to adopt a lifestyle of diversity and inclusion among all age groups. Our world needs to tap into the potential offered by all generations. Bearing in mind that everything we do at Century Financial is fully aligned with our commitment to sustainable business practice. The recently launched “Sustainability and U” campaign is living proof that we are moving in this direction through partnerships and collaboration with prestigious government and private institutions such as the Dubai Chamber and a working group Emirates Circle and many more. In addition, supporting the younger generation highlights our commitment and enthusiasm for intergenerational collaboration that reflects our alignment with core values ​​of care, synergy, heritage, education, ambition, simplicity and innovation for today’s and future generations. ”
Samira Fernandez, Director of Corporate Affairs at Century Financial, said: “Diverse education serves to introduce young interns. There are many facets to our business. Today is the time for them to explore opportunities and explore their interests by learning about different industries and then choosing a suitable career regardless of their interests. September EducateNow Sustainability Workshops, which will be held at 30 universities in the UAE from 2022, will assist the UAE in raising awareness of how educational institutions are aligned with ESG goals (Environment, Social and Governance) and benchmarking itself against sustainability best practices.”
In addition to taking part in finance and investment projects, trainees are also involved in sustainability initiatives they participate and undertake. Employees are encouraged to protect their homes and offices by delivering recyclable materials such as paper plastic, e-waste, aluminum cans, electronics, toner cartridges, glass and clothing into bins placed on company premises. This campaign is in line with EEG’s OROC (One Root, One Community Tree) initiative, which will expire at the end of November 2022.
This is not only limited to Century Financial employees, it can also be used by anyone residing in the UAE. Join the campaign by posting photos of their contribution to recycling as part of the “Free-Clutter” campaign with the Century Financial Mantion in the comments.

Source: Alayam

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