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Currency for deposit: banks told how to get dollars through deposits

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In July, the NBU allowed banks to sell non-cash currency, but this is only UAH 50,000 subject to placement on deposit, and the deposit maturity is at least three months.

154 adopted by the NBU in July for the non-cash sale of dollars and euros, some banks in Ukraine began to offer special offers on product lines – deposits of hryvnia, and then converted into currency. It is discussed in this article. Focus “Buy dollars. Which banks already offer to buy foreign currency on deposit.”

OTP Bank, Kredobank, Ukreximbank, FUIB and Universal Bank monobank project have already announced the possibility of obtaining foreign currency through time deposit placement. The fact that cashless shopping will come into effect very soon, Focus also reported in Raiffeisen Bank and Credit Agricole Bank. There is no cashless sale of money after making a deposit at Oschadbank and PrivatBank.

“Currently, a 3-month deposit has been applied at Kredobank. 6 or 12-month maturity options may be considered in the future. This opportunity is offered when visiting the branch as of August 8, 2022, due to offline application. Branch visit is the only channel for online banking or application, we are considering this possibility“, – aforementioned Focus Alexander Suprunovich, manager of the retail customers department of Kredobank.


Very small profit. Interest rates offered by deposit banks this summer

According to Valentina Rozanova, head of retail business development and lending at OTP Bank, the sale of non-cash currency when placed on deposit within the limit of 50,000 UAH per month. (equivalent) is now available in all branches of OTP Bank. here, the deposit term may not be 3 months – the client can choose any deposit term from 3 months, without early termination.


No interest is charged. In this case, the depositor does not receive interest income from the deposit.

Sergey Annikov, head of savings and transaction services in the private customer payments division of Raiffeisen Bank, says that in the near future the bank plans the possibility of depositing money, and then purchasing foreign currency in the client’s Internet banking. And at Credit Agricole Bank Focus reported such a deposit will be processed in branches only on the condition that it is a deposit with a maturity of six months.

As a reminder, on July 21, 2022, the Central Bank adjusted the official hryvnia exchange rate against the dollar by 25% to 36.5686 USD/UAH.

Earlier, Focus wrote that in banks, banks offer individuals the opportunity to send free hryvnia funds to deposits at an annual rate of 4-15%.

Source: Riafan

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