Genoa Boat Show: “smart” buoys and share ships, green startups

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Is called Italian Startup and is the initiative conceived by Confindustria Nautica in collaboration with Ice Agenzia which gives ten companies, almost all emerging, the opportunity to present their innovation projects in the nautical sector, especially in the field of eco-sustainability. They range from reducing the environmental impact of the mechanical action of anchors and chains, to innovative boats in terms of design, use of materials (recyclable, sustainable, etc.) and motorization (electric or hybrid engines). ), to boat sharing, to innovative and sustainable solutions for accessories and components.

Companies and ideas

Over there Betty Buoys from Arzachena deals with Intelligence Mooring to reduce pressure on the seabed, reduce impacts on habitats and marine species and promote sustainable use of coasts by boaters through intelligent buoys that allow easy mooring even in adverse conditions, Wi-Fi services, night lighting and geo-location. In Carsoli, L’Aquila, is located there iSpace2o Srl, which aims to develop nautical vehicles with electric and/or hybrid hydrogen propulsion. The flagship project is DeepSeaker DS1, hydrofoil/submarine that received a 1.5 million euro loan from Invitalia Smart Start. DeepSeaker combines technology from the marine industry, car design and aviation with a car-inspired integrated kinematic system, similar to the suspension of Formula 1 cars. Share E-Sea is a start-up that deals with shared mobility and introduces the boat-sharing service to pleasure craft. The current maritime mobility market is 11 billion euros and the aim of the company is to make boating accessible and usable for everyone, and also more environmentally sustainable thanks to shared mobility. With offices in Ancona and Milan, it operates throughout Italy electric wave, which is presented as a system integrator for electric boating. The aim is to convert traditional boats into electric or hybrid boats, decarbonising the entire production infrastructure and charging energy with a circular Nautical Zero Emission approach. For this reason, it has signed a partnership agreement with Enave – the European Naval Authority – for the certification of conversions, to ensure the highest quality in terms of safety and performance.

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