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Social payments, subsidies, pensions: how will the government pay in 2023?

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Social protection is named as one of the main priorities of the state budget for the coming year, along with defense.

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Spending on social security in the draft state budget for 2023 exceeds UAH 400 billion, as written Focus In the review “Defense, police, pension. Where will the state budget money go in 2023”. Like this, The Ministry of Social Policy entered the top 3 ministries where 60% of the state budget revenues were distributed in 2023. More funds from the Ministry of Social Policy were allocated only to the Ministry of Defense – 858 billion UAH.

According to the words of the Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko during the presentation of the budget in the Verkhovna Rada, social expenditures will be distributed as follows:

  • financial support for payment of pensions – 233 billion UAH
  • support for low-income families – UAH 73 billion (including payments and subsidies for housing and communal services – UAH 38 billion)
  • Social protection of citizens in difficult living conditions — UAH 66.6 billion (including assistance for living for IDPs — UAH 57.6 billion)

The Ministry of Social Policy plans to strengthen the targeting of payments, tying them more to the financial situation of the beneficiary, and not to their social status. In addition, providing assistance to categories of citizens for which social payments from the state become the main income.. We’re talking about people who find themselves in difficult life situations, people with low incomes, people with disabilities,” KSE Institute explains in a comment. Focus.

Make sure you reach your goals Funding for the Ministry of Social Policy increased from 318.8 billion in 2022 to 406.1 billion in 2023 (+27%). In particular, a subsidy from the state budget to the Pension Fund of Ukraine increased from UAH 200.6 billion to UAH 232.9 billion (+16%).

But defense and security remains the top priority in the 2023 budget. According to experts from the Analysis Center of the Institute of Public Finance and Public Administration, UAH 1.14 trillion (17.8% of GDP and 45.4% of total expenditure) are spent on these areas. here, UAH 564 billion will be allocated for monetary assistance and remuneration of military personnel (with accruals).

Overall, the draft 2023 budget plans record spending for Ukraine – a huge deficit of UAH 2.5 trillion and 20% of GDP. Where will the state find ways to compensate for it? Focus He also analyzes in his review “Defense, police, pension. Where will the state budget money go in 2023”.

Moreover Focus In the third decade of September, it reported an increase in sales rate of 44 UAH / USD dollars in some exchangers. At the same time, the annual average hryvnia exchange rate of 42 UAH/USD serves as a benchmark for the 2023 budget.

Previously Focus He wrote about how during the war, against the background of the devaluation in Ukraine, meat, milk and other products became more expensive.

Source: Riafan

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