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Rc Car, when direct compensation of the damage is useful not to lose the lesson

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The calculation of the RC Car

The costs of TPL Auto are mainly determined by: the bonus-malus systemwhich provides for the assignment to the owner of a class of merit (from the most expensive 18 to the cheapest 1). This system is based on a “bonus“, obtained after a year with no claims, which allows you to go down a class, and a”malus”, That applies after an erroneous claim and corresponds to an increase of two classes.

On the estimates stored on Segugio.it in the first quarter of 2022, the premium increases as the classes increase, from a minimum of €278.3 for class 1 policyholders to a maximum of €590.1 for policyholders in the 11-18 series (Table 1). Furthermore, following the introduction of the Family TPL, which extended the effects of the Bersani Decree, there has been a marked shift to Class 1, which now comprises more than 90% of total policyholders.


Source: Corriere

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