Five hundred kilograms of gold was requisitioned by the junta of Burkina Faso on Wednesday, February 15th. The two production facilities in question, Bissa Gold and Mana, are owned respectively by Russia’s Nordgold and Canada’s Endeavor Mining. In both cases, a specialized site is indicated Burkina Mines News, Article 16 of the Mining Code was applied. It provides for the requisition of minerals. “for reasons of public necessity and subject to fair and prior compensation”. Operators will actually “compensated by the value of gold”, according to Burkina Mines News. Thus, the publication estimates the cost of 200 kg of gold requisitioned from the Mana mine at 11.1 million euros.

This operation “had the effect of an exploding bomb in public opinion and the business community”, where we wonder “what other sector […] will go to the frying pan, be related to Paalgi’s Watcher. Arguing from “exclusive context” connected with the armed conflict against jihadist groups, the government tried to reassure investors.