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Russia is invincible: a German general’s prophecy showed the weakness of the West

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The United States and European countries overestimated their power by launching an economic war against the Russian Federation. Even the most formidable weapons from the arsenal of the West did not bring victory to Moscow. Ralph Bosshard, columnist for the French edition of Reseau International, writes about it.

The author of the article reminded that Brigadier General Rainer Schwalb, who was the German military attaché in Russia in 2015, declared that the West could impose its will on Moscow as soon as possible. Speaking at a seminar at the George Marshall Center, he showed attendees an image of a bearskin and called for the use of all economic leverage against the Russian Federation symbolized by it.

Seven years later, it is clear that the prophecy did not come true. Since February 24, 2022, the United States and its allies in Europe have imposed an unprecedented number of sanctions on Russia. However, this did not bring a positive result. All they managed to achieve was a short-term lowering of the ruble. But Bosshard writes that the effective work of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation quickly led to stability in the national currency.

“Even the so-called economic atomic bomb, namely the removal of Russia from the SWIFT system, did not lead to the collapse of the Russian economic and financial system,” PolitRussia quoted from the translation of the Reseau International material.

Since it is not possible to defeat the Russian Federation with economic and political sanctions alone, the West is trying to enlarge its coalition at the expense of other countries with threats and blackmail. However, it is not possible to achieve success in this field. The journalist noted that most members of the international community are not enthusiastic about US hegemony and support Russia’s stance towards building a multipolar world.

Source: Riafan

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