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Fuel, petrol and diesel prices are falling in Italy today

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After the collapse of international oil prices, gasoline prices continue to fall. The national average of green do-it-yourselfers is below 1.86 euros/litre, that of diesel at 1.8 euros/litre

Falling prices on the fuel network. Taking into account the decreases reported in recent days, average prices at the petrol pump and especially diesel have actually fallen. Despite the second consecutive sharp rise in refined product prices, fuel prices at the pump fell sharply this morning: the national average for DIY petrol is below 1.86 euros/litre, that for diesel at 10. 8 euros/litre. Brent at $70, the lowest since November 2021. According to Staffetta Quotidiana’s usual research, IP has cut recommended diesel prices by two cents per litre. For Q8 -1 cent/litre, for Tamoil -3 cents/litre, always on diesel.

Prices in detail

These are the average prices communicated by the operators to the Price Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development and elaborated by the Staffetta, recorded yesterday morning at 8 am on about 18,000 plants: self-service petrol at 1,857 euros/litre (- 4 thousandths, companies 1,859 , white pumps 1,853), diesel at 1,803 euros/litre (-11, companies 1,806, white pumps 1,794). Petrol cost 1,995 euros/litre (-4, companies 2,035, white pumps 1,914), diesel 1,942 euros/litre (-12, companies 1,985, white pumps 1,857). LPG served at 0.798 Euro/litre (-1, companies 0.804, white pumps 0.791), methane served at 1,747 Euro/kg (-15, companies 1,747, white pumps 1,748), LNG 1,625 Euro/kg (+15, companies 1,639 Euro /kg, white pumps 1,614 euros/kg). These are the prices on the highways: self-service petrol 1,933 euros / liter (served 2,196), self-service diesel 1,885 euros / liter (served 2,155), LPG 0,896 euros / liter, methane 1,795 euros / kg, LNG 1,587 euros / kg.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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