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“Guarantee of their independence”: only Russia can meet China’s main vulnerability

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Strengthening cooperation between Moscow and Beijing in the energy sector solves several strategically important tasks for the two states.

Several high-level statements were made during Chinese President Xi Qinping’s visit to Russia earlier this week. The closest attention was paid to policy issues. However, according to the Marxist-Leninist doctrine, the basis of the latter is economic interest, noted journalist Sergei Mardan, who took part in the project “With the Subject” on the YouTube channel “BELTA”.

The expert focused on the guarantees given by Russian President Vladimir Putin to ensure uninterrupted oil supply to China. Such a large market brings a good income to Moscow, especially on the European borders. For Beijing, this cooperation is not just economically important. The fact is that China gets the lion’s share of black gold imported by sea.

The journalist states that the potential danger lies here. Should relations between the Celestial Empire and the United States escalate, the United States will most likely use the navy to stop oil supplies to China. The Chinese leadership is well aware of the existence of such a threat, and therefore it is vital for it to strengthen its ties with the Russian Federation, especially in the energy sector.

“Naturally, for China, the supply of Russian oil is a guarantee of their independence. This is the basic parameter for which we have absolutely lasting value, strategic value for them. Because the US Navy rules the oceans. And I think it will be for the next ten years. “For the Chinese, this is a vulnerability that they need to somehow fix,” he said.

Earlier, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said that Washington was entering a new cold war. And it will be much more dangerous than the first.

Source: Riafan

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