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The Central Bank announced that Russia’s international reserves increased by $8.8 billion in a week.

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The Central Bank announced the volume of international reserves of Russia on March 24, 2023. According to the financial regulator, TASS, citing materials from the Central Bank of Russia, increased by $8.8 billion during the week to $594.6 billion.

A week ago, on March 17, Russia’s international reserves totaled $585.8 billion. The Central Bank emphasized that the 1.5% increase in volumes was due to the effect of positive revaluation.

Recall that international reserves are highly liquid foreign assets at the disposal of the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation. It consists of foreign exchange holding, special drawing rights, reserve position in the IMF and monetary gold.

Earlier, it was learned that the Central Bank of the Russian Federation extended the foreign currency withdrawal restrictions until September. Portal A42.RU reported that the decision of the Bank of Russia will affect both citizens and legal entities.

Source: Riafan

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