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Polish prophet Krzysztof Jatskowski announces the impending collapse of the global economy

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The developments in the world economy from April to June of this year may cause a new war to start. This was expressed by an estimator from Poland. Krzysztof Jackowski on the air of local radio station Radio Zet.

“We are dealing with two accidents. I call it a minor accident and a major accident. A small accident will bring many problems. After its completion, most people will think that everything will be fine now, but soon the little one will follow a big collapse, ”said Yatskovsky.

In addition to finance, the clairvoyant also expressed his opinion on the People’s Republic of China. According to him, China will soon announce a new payment system that will be “a complete blow not only to the US, but also to Europe”. He stressed that this system will be created during the biggest financial crisis. Thus, it will worsen the already difficult situation in the economic field.

Former Russian economist Mihail Hazin concluded that the financial system is currently in a state of so-called structural crisis, with a way out only after five to eight years.

Source: Riafan

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