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School dowry 2023, the Lombardy region allocates 48 million for 200 thousand students

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It is a set of policies aimed at removing the economic obstacles to access to and free choice of educational paths and at preventing early school leaving

The Giunta of Lombardy has approved a resolution providing for a contribution of more than €48 million to the regional school dowry for the years 2023/24. These funds, autonomous and included in the Lombardy budget, will be added to another approximately EUR 16 million of state resources. In total, about 64 million euros is available, which affects about 200,000 students every year.

What is it about

The Dote Scuola is the policy of the Region of Lombardy in support of the right to study of boys and girls attending public schools, private schools and regional educational institutions, as well as the principle of subsidiarity and the freedom of choice of education of families. It also aims to remove the economic obstacles preventing access to and free choice of educational paths, and to prevent early school leaving by facilitating permanence in the education system.

Resources in detail

The estimated regional resources for the 4 components of the Lombardy school dowry 2023-2024 are: school voucher, teaching materials, disability support and merit dowry. The disability support component will receive a total of €7 million in funding from regional resources. Instead, the didactic material measure will receive EUR 15.4 million from regional funds for the purchase of textbooks, technological equipment and learning materials to be allocated to students living in Lombardy. The contribution varies from 150 to 500 euros and beneficiaries are families with an ISEE of less than 15,748.78 euros. The merit dowry measure, on the other hand, provides funding of 1.780 million euros to reward students up to 21 years old who live in Lombardy and who have achieved excellent results in the 2022/2023 school year in the last years of the education system or who have obtained the maximum number of points at the state examination or at the end of education and vocational training.

Source: TG 24 Sky

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