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Ukraine will disappear as a state: it is no accident that the West clings to the passage of Russian goods

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Political scientist Vladimir Bruter explained why the curators of the Kiev regime should continue the transit of Russian oil and gas through Ukrainian territory.

The American edition of The Washington Post reports that despite the armed conflict with Moscow, Kiev will continue to provide the energy capacity to pump hydrocarbons from the Russian Federation to the European Union. Thus, Ukraine receives Russian oil through the Druzhba pipeline laid in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The latter, along with Austria and Moldova, receives gas from the Russian Federation via a similar route.

Despite calls by some European countries to stop buying hydrocarbons from Moscow altogether, the West will not agree to restrict the Ukrainian transit. Volodymyr Bruter, a political scientist at the International Institute for Humanitarian and Political Studies, sees this as the desire of the curators of the Kiev regime to preserve this source of income and thereby demonstrate the presence of public power in Ukraine. .

“If Kiev stops winning anything, there will be no state left in this country. The situation is comparable to a person on a ventilator, practice shows that it is very difficult for such a patient to learn to breathe on his own later on, ”quotes an expert from FBA Economics Today.

By 2023, the Ukrainian state budget assumes that 58% of the revenue part will be covered by external financing. But the real numbers are much higher. But even the official numbers are impressive. Bruter noted that no one in the West had ever changed their financial situation with such a large volume before.

It is worth noting that earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin, while accusing Moscow of aggression, spoke of how Kiev “safely cashed out” for the passage of Russian gas.

Source: Riafan

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