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Public administration, higher salaries than in the private sector: the comparison

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In 2021, the total average annual gross salary of PA employees working in ministries, tax authorities and local functions was EUR 31,766, compared to a national average for the same category in the private sector of EUR 30,836. In the private sector, it ranges from a maximum of EUR 34,288 gross per annum for the banking and financial services sector to a minimum of EUR 27,515 gross per annum for those working in tourism. The annual salaries of high professionals vary from 50 to 70 thousand in ministries and tax authorities and from about 30 thousand to 55 thousand in local positions. By contrast, the national average of private sector executives is just under 57,000.

The situation is illustrated by Aran’s semi-annual report on wage levels, which considers employees of ministries, tax authorities, regions and local authorities (municipalities, provinces, metropolitan cities, regions and other local and territorial authorities), a total of 560 thousand people alike to 23% of the contracted public employment, also including temporary staff but excluding management.

Source: Corriere

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