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Youth and work, in Italy the European record of inactive: “Neet” at 1.6 million

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NEET record in Italy

Italy is the first country in the Eurozone in terms of the number of inactive people, the so-called “neets”. Young people who do not study and do not have a job. In 2022 there were 1.6 million. Among the inactive under 35, women predominate, equaling 1.033 million (65.9% of the total), compared to 535,000 men. 55.6% of inactive young people are concentrated in the South, where the percentage rises to 37.7%, more than double the 16.8% in the Centre-North. Among the inactive under the age of 39, there are 468,100 graduates. Two-thirds of these are women. In 18 years, the inactivity rate of young Italians has increased by 3.4 percentage points, from 21.9% in 2004 to 25.4%. This is stated in the Confartigianato report, presented at the Confartigianato annual convention of young entrepreneurs organized in Rome on Friday, May 26: «In terms of absolute value of inactive young people, we therefore rank first in the EU, with a inactivity rate of 25.4%, compared to the European average of 15%. Germany records 13.9%, Spain 13.7% and France 12.7%,” the study points out.


Source: Corriere

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