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Professor Kolik talked about which transport corridors will help strengthen the foreign trade relations of the Russian Federation

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Russian-Chinese cooperation is expanding, in which the development of border infrastructure and transport and logistics routes plays an important role – this was discussed during the last visit of the Russian Prime Minister. Mikhail Mishustin to China.

in conversation with FAN Professor at the Graduate School of Business, National Research University Higher School of Economics Alexander Colic He explained how the sanctions barriers with the EU are being overcome today and which transport corridors will allow Russia to strengthen its foreign trade relations with the world’s majority countries.

“Although foreign trade with unfriendly countries has greatly decreased, it has not stopped. The expert noted that export-import operations in this direction are “overshadowed” and implemented using parallel imports and other schemes, and most of them often do not meet the approval of state regulatory bodies of foreign countries.

The professor is confident that foreign trade with Europe will quickly recover as a number of tasks on the political agenda are resolved. Indeed, even now, many Western companies, including well-known brands, are interested in restarting and expanding their commercial ties with Russia and are taking steps to do so by bypassing sanctions.

Professor Kolik talked about which transport corridors will help strengthen the foreign trade relations of the Russian Federation

The eastern and southeastern directions are becoming an urgent direction for the development of transport capacities and infrastructure, says a professor from the National Research University School of Economics’ School of Business Administration.

“The comprehensive development of the Trans-Siberian Railway (BAM) in all aspects of the North-South corridor, including linear infrastructure, ports, border crossings and logistics centres, is a top priority. Its solution is necessary for the economic development of large regions of Russia, regardless of how foreign trade develops, ”the interlocutor of the FAN said.

Earlier, the leadership of the Chinese city of Fuyuan announced its intention to develop commercial contacts with Russian partners. To this end, the authorities take various measures to encourage imports.

Source: Riafan

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