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Boozt, 42,000 customer accounts blocked due to excessive returns

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Customers banned from the platform for returning purchased items too many times. It’s the choice made by Boozt, a Swedish company specialized in online sales of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories that has blocked accounts indefinitely 42,000 customers guilty of returning too many previously purchased itemsclaiming that their behavior was too costly for the company and the environment.

Affected customers, who have returned items because they didn’t fit or because they regretted the purchase, “repeatedly benefit from the high levels of free shipping and return service at the expense of our company, other customers and the environment,” he reported. Kirkeskov Riis, spokesperson for the multi-brand online store. In an email to the Associated Press, he said these customers represent less than 2 percent of Boozt’s “more than 3 million customers,” but about 25 percent of total returns volume.

A problem common to many e-commerce platforms. For example, Yoox was fined last January by the Competition and Market Authority for two “incorrect conduct”. One of them referred precisely to the limit in the right of withdrawal, for blocking further purchases by consumers who had made excessive use of the returns tool, not adequately informing them and delaying refunds of the amounts paid.
Could be a solution to the problem the return paid. It’s been talked about for a while. Numerous retailers have introduced a commission for returning purchases: from Inditex, the parent company of Zara, to Japanese giant Uniqlo and British Asos. The payment stems precisely from the costs incurred by companies for excessive doubts, sometimes prompted by ‘incorrect’ behaviour, such as wearing the clothes only once and then returning them free of charge, or perhaps being too impulsive. Without taking into account the environmental impact of a useless shipment. Payment could be the solution for some companies to encourage customers to make more responsible, ‘considered’ and more sustainable purchases.

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