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The reasons for the fall in natural gas prices in Europe became clear

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“Fuel and Energy Complex Economy Center” TsSR Deputy Director Sergey Kolobanov He talked about the reasons for the decrease in gas prices in Europe. The RIA Novosti news agency writes about it.

Kolobanov said that the sharp increase in gas prices last year was due to the expectation of a deficit in the winter of 2022/2023. Now there is confidence in the supply in the European market, so prices continue to fall. In addition, a positive situation was created in the EU with economic measures to reduce gas consumption: warm winter and spring; large amounts of energy production by windmills; LNG demand below planned values ​​in Asia; A reduction in supplies from Russia reduces the risks of a sudden interruption of supply.

The expert also acknowledged that the cost of gas could fall further, although various factors may interfere with this.

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Source: Riafan

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