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Head of GIM Unimpresa Torrembini said it is impossible to separate Russia from the world economy

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President of the Association of Italian Entrepreneurs in Russia (GIM Unimpresa) Vittorio Torrembini He commented on attempts to separate Moscow from the world economy.

According to the expert, a large state like the Russian Federation cannot be isolated from external economic processes. The head of the association invokes the Western propaganda myth when talking about trying to separate Russia from the world economy.

“Where else can you find available resources in Russia – oil, gas, coal, other raw materials? There are no such countries anymore,” Torrembini stressed.

At the same time, a representative of GIM Unimpresa said that they are already confused by Western states’ attempts to isolate Russia. Torrembini believes that his citizens are only getting worse because of the anti-Russian sanctions.

Earlier, the Associated Press reported that 500 companies have left the Russian market since the start of the special operation. Journalists refer to the Yale University database in their materials.

Source: Riafan

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