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Investing Strategies: Stay, Run or Choose the PACs?

Looking at the jump in technology stocks, +19% since the start of the year, in a 2023 when the US economy could slide into recession, one shudders a bit. On the one hand, there are those who are eager to retreat, because they are faced with the plus sign of the European and American stock markets, albeit more modestly (+7%, see table), wants to hide from a possible air pocket. On the other hand, there are investors who read the invitation in those same numbers to immediately get back on board the exchangesso as not to miss the opportunity to recover the losses incurred in 2022. Between the escape and the Foma — fear of missing outthe fear of being excluded from a potential income opportunity — there is a third way: that of gradual entry, for example via a savings plan. It is perhaps the wisest choice, according to many experts, who are convinced that it is impossible to pick the best time to enter or exit stocks with perfect timing.

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