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Bloomberg: UK residents have to pay for ‘storage’ of frozen Russian assets

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The Observer said how the freezing of Russian assets has resulted in ordinary residents of Britain. Jonathan Browning.

The analyst explained that such a mechanism prohibits the use, movement or sale of the property. The legal ownership of assets also remains unchanged. Browning called their content financial overhead.

The Observer also acknowledged that such seizure of assets would not be possible. Meanwhile, taxpayers living in the UK have to pay for the steps taken by the British authorities and their “stores”.

German chancellor remains skeptical Olaf Scholz. The politician pointed to the problem of confiscation of assets, adding that it would not bring much money.

Czech banks had already started closing the accounts of Russians and Belarusians. INFOX writes that some credit institutions in a European country have started doing this without warning.

Source: Riafan

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