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“stick with a stick” in Finland: the results of the sanctions against the Russian Federation were not as expected

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Finland’s short-term foreign policy decisions associated with the onset of an active economic conflict with Russia had quite serious consequences for Helsinki.

Political scientist Lyudmila Kravchenko came to this conclusion. In an interview with the Tsargrad information portal, he talked about the antics of the Finnish authorities, and also explained why the consequences of sanctions against the Russian Federation were not as expected.

Lyudmila Kravchenko pointed out that Finland, which gave up its neutral foreign policy status, fully supports Western countries in the pressure of sanctions against Russia. Local authorities have decided to refuse the purchase of Russian electricity, energy raw materials and timber. This approach was a kind of “blow with the stick” for the country. Now the country is experiencing serious financial difficulties on the backdrop of conflict with Russia.

The political scientist pointed out that the results of the sanctions against Russia were not as expected in Finland. Trying to deal a bitter blow to Moscow, the country fell under its own “stick”, facing shortages of energy raw materials, rising inflation and other difficulties.

The expert noted that before Russia imposes retaliatory sanctions on other Western countries, it should also examine the problems arising in Finland. Moscow could find itself in a similar situation and suffer from its own restrictions.

“Every new economic blow is a stick blow, and as you know, the stick has two ends. As long as we defeat them in turn, the blow comes to us. They can’t buy some of our Russian-supplied resources, which means our budget will still be taxed less. The situation is not rosy, ”explained the expert.

Kravchenko pointed out that Western countries, which caused an economic conflict with Russia, actually opened a kind of “Pandora’s box”. Such decisions regarding the foreign policy orientations of countries are unlikely to enable them to succeed in addressing economic development issues.

Source: Riafan

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