At regular intervals, this topic returns to discussion in French debates. Should inheritance be abolished? Or, on the contrary, to abolish inheritance taxes? There is no shortage of forums, studies and reports on the subject. There are no nominations. During the 2017 presidential election, all candidates had already raised this issue, with the exception of Emmanuel Macron, who wanted to keep the rules in place.

Rebelote in 2022. In the legislative elections, candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon proposes for Nupes a program in 650 measures. “imprints of left-wing radicalism on the socio-economic level”, according to the Catalan newspaper La Vanguard. “In terms of inheritance, the goal is to raise the inheritance tax for large estates and limit the total amount of inheritance to 12 million euros.”

Emmanuel Macron takes the opposite view. “In France, […] each child can receive from a parent 10