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Professor Yudenkov explains why food prices may become cheaper in Russia

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Russia was the only country in Europe to register food deflation in April. According to experts, food prices decreased by 0.22 percent year-on-year. in the comments FAN Department of Finance, Money Circulation and Credit, Faculty of Finance and Banking, RANEPA, Candidate Professor of Economics Yuri Yudenkov He explained why the prices of products in the Russian Federation may become cheaper.

First of all, the expert pointed out that the data is complete. As the professor pointed out, a clear analysis requires knowing the full picture of what’s going on. At the same time, the obvious facts that affect the research figures should not be ignored.

“We know the individual statistics without seeing the whole picture, so it’s hard to say. The specific period of analytics is also important. But still. We see that the decline in electricity supply and consumption in Europe is also leading to a decrease in greenhouse cultivation. And we are against this background, if we have our own greenhouses. “Then we win,” he said.

Professor Yudenkov explains why food prices may become cheaper in Russia

In turn, the interlocutor of the FAN is confident that the reverse dynamics of prices with imported goods await the Russians.

Expert, “The dollar is growing, imported strawberries, imported cherries, prices will increase,” he said.

Earlier, it was reported that the cost of equipment of the American company Apple in large retail chains in Russia has fallen. Depending on the model and amount of memory, the price of gadgets decreased by 5-10%.

Source: Riafan

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