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Metal workers, increases are coming: in June 123 euros more thanks to inflation

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The increases for metalworkers are coming. In June, the salary will increase by 123 euros and not just by 27. Given the inflation data for 2022, Federmeccanica, Assistal and Fim, Fiom and Uilm have determined the amount of the increase for the third contractual tranche, which will be paid to June until 1.5 million metalworkers. The additional increase is linked to the “safeguard clause”, which was won two years ago with the signing of the national collective agreement.

The inflation clause

It was envisaged that in the event that the inflation recorded in the final balance exceeds that established at the time of signing the contract, it would have an impact on the lows. This makes it possible to obtain increases above the 27 euros agreed upon at the time of the stipulation. Metalworkers benefit from an increase in minimum wages of an average of 123.40 euros per month, equal to 6.6 percentage points (96.4 euros more than expected).

More flexible contracts

Roberto Benaglia, general secretary of Fim-Cisl says: «It is a positive solution, unique in the contractual panorama of our country, original and the result of an innovative and mature contract. Determining salary increases during and not just at the end of the contract is a pragmatic and very useful choice. With this formula, we have provided strong economic support to metalworkers’ wage packages, restoring purchasing power eroded by inflation immediately, without having to wait for the contract to expire in a year’s time». The basic idea is to make contracts more flexible tools to respond to employee needs.

“Of course – continues the trade unionist – this important result leaves open an overall check on the defense of the full purchasing power of pay slips, which will be checked at the end of the contract”. With high prices, maintenance of the payroll is central. “We will set up the next contractual platform with two wage objectives: to reaffirm the full defense of purchasing power that characterizes the role of national collective bargaining agreements and that real wage growth linked to the value of work and to the reform of the the classification that we had agreed that the rise in ‘inflation has burned’, he concludes.

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