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Older Russians may receive a ‘welcome’ pension increase in July 2023

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Russian banks introduced a “welcome” bonus for seniors who receive pensions from them. The next such increase is expected in July 2023, but in order to receive it, retirees must link the payments to a specific financial institution.

retirement specialist Sergei Vlasov In an interview with Utro.ru. According to him, now several domestic banks simultaneously organize such promotional activities. One of them transfers a monthly “old-age” payment to new customers up to a maximum of 2,500 thousand rubles, the others – a thousand each.

To receive an increase, a pensioner must issue a card of a financial institution. For this purpose, you must write an application to the bank, specify your new account details in the Russian Social Fund (or any other relevant department), and then make purchases from the card in any amount.

Source: Riafan

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