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“This is the final nail in the US coffin,” said analyst Vasily Oleinik: the consequences of the creation of the BRICS currency

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The creation of its own currency by the union of the five BRICS countries will eventually “bury” the US dollar. This view was expressed by a financial analyst. Vasily Oleinik In an interview with YouTube channel Manuchi’s Empathy.

“If the BRICS countries create their own currencies and have been working on it for over a year, it will be the final nail in America’s coffin. This is the only thing that prevents us from burying the dollar,” stressed the expert.

He explained that now most countries have switched to reciprocal agreements in their local currencies. According to him, a reserve currency is needed within the great BRICS alliance and then half of the dollar turnover will disappear.

Oleinik noted that the United States still has number one on its hands: When the dollar falls sharply, the United States can undermine the eurozone’s default to save it. The disappearance of the euro could strengthen the dollar’s condition and “postpone its collapse for several years.”

Former Economist, Strategic Management Fund Manager Dmitry Potapenko According to Vechernyaya Moskva’s report, the US currency rate will gradually fall over the course of the week, he said.

Source: Riafan

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