“Elon Musk has announced that X, the social network formerly known as Twitter, is considering charging its users, a new development following his purchase of the platform last year.” reports Wall Street Magazine.

“The biggest reason we’re moving toward a small monthly fee for using X is because I don’t see any other way to combat bot armies.” said the head of Tesla and SpaceX during a direct conversation on Monday, September 18, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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“Automated accounts have long been a source of trouble for users of Twitter (now X) and other social networks. recognize Wall Street Journal But making the network pay to eradicate them also poses a risk to the satisfaction of Internet users.”

“It’s unclear how many X users, most of whom access it for free, would be willing to pay, especially given the proliferation of comparable free sites like Threads, launched by Meta.”

Elon Musk explains that bringing the cost to “like a few dollars” per account will discourage bot creators, who will also be forced to use a different payment method every time they want to create an automated account, clarifies The keeper.

Anti-Semitism and freedom of speech at the center of debate

The billionaire met with the Israeli Prime Minister at the beginning of his visit to the United States, where he will take part in the UN General Assembly. Netanyahu was met with hostile protests from American Jews and Israelis opposed to his controversial judicial reform.

If we were talking about artificial intelligence, “it quickly veered towards freedom of expression and anti-Semitism, with X accused of not doing enough to address anti-Semitic speech on the platform” reports the British publication.

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“In recent weeks, Musk has clashed with the Anti-Defamation League by engaging in an anti-Semitic social media campaign targeting the Jewish Anti-Discrimination Association,” writes an Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

However, according to this left-wing daily, “A swooning Netanyahu defended Elon Musk against accusations of anti-Semitism and argued that he is more powerful than the President of the United States.”

The Israeli Prime Minister still hoped that Elon Musk would find “means that under the First Amendment [de la Constitution américaine, protégeant la liberté d’expression]to put an end to anti-Semitism” signals The keeper.