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Building amnesty, how Salvini’s amnesty proposal works

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The Minister of Infrastructure has revived a classic from the debates that preceded the budget law, namely that of the construction amnesty that brings resources to the public finances, but which provokes a reaction from the opposition that threatens with barricades.

The basis of the Minister of Infrastructure’s proposal is the search for resources for the state treasury. Matteo Salvini, in his speech at the Confedilizia Assembly, relaunched the hypothesis of a construction amnesty: “I say this without hypocrisy: are there budgetary problems? There are several hundred thousand small architectural, construction and urban planning irregularities that affect the technical offices of the municipalities of half of Italy? Yes, and wouldn’t it be wiser for the little ones to fix everything?”

Tajani: ‘Only minor adjustments’

The proposal immediately sparked a chorus of no votes, especially from the opposition, who tried to appease Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani by drawing possible boundaries. From his point of view, it should absolutely not be a real amnesty, but rather small corrections that are far removed from the criminal sphere. A much more limited area than the ‘hundreds of thousands of minor architectural, construction and urban planning irregularities’ to which the leader of the Northern League had referred. “It is important to focus on urban renewal,” Tajani added, and on Wednesday two proposals from Forza Italia will be presented to the Senate to “reorganize the cities, and within this project that should also lead to the reduction of emissions, we can see that including some adjustments for small things done against the law. Some minor work can be addressed, but it needs to be done within an urban regeneration strategy, perhaps even with some European support.”

The opposition’s response

And to clarify this, Salvini then added: “There is no amnesty for villas in seismic areas or on the slopes of volcanoes. I have collected many testimonials from mayors, associations and citizens who have worked for a gutter or 30 cm veranda for years in the municipality without having the certificate. This is a PDL approved last year in the Lombardy region, proposed by the League and the centre-right, also voted by the Pd and 5 Star”.

“For non-essential discrepancies – the Deputy Prime Minister continued – it is no longer intelligent for the State and the municipalities to say: let’s resolve these minor discrepancies, give me the money you have to give me, I will collect it” and the same thing “for the tax collectors’ mini-leaflets. I would like to simplify the lives of good Italians.”

Meanwhile, unrest is growing among the ranks of the opposition, threatening barricades over a “criminogenic” proposal, according to the Greens’ Angelo Bonelli, because “as has always happened when amnesty schemes have been announced, this will cause a strong resurgence.” in illegal construction”. The leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate Francesco Boccia defined the words of the head of Infrastructure as “another nod to the smart people of a desperate government that does not know where to find the resources for the maneuver” .

Source: TG 24 Sky

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