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The tweezer trick for the perfect (and easy) cat-eye look

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So if you’re a beginner, don’t have a steady hand, or in any case have difficulty with eyeliner and a perfect – which is never perfect – cat-eye line, this trick can help you get closer to the desired result. . Simply and easily. All you need is one of the hair tweezers found in almost every bag (#storyofmylife).

The tweezer trick for the perfect (and easy) cat-eye look

Doing this is very simple: all you need to do is apply a large amount of eyeliner to the edge of the tweezers (where it forms the corner) and immediately touch the outer corner of the eye (where you would do it). angle of your feline gaze).

The tweezers essentially act as a sort of imprint, creating the outline of the cat’s eye corner. At the end, fill it in with eyeliner to make it perfect.

From theory to practice: In the next video you will see all of the above instructions in practice. Click play!

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