Trendy matching jeans and tank top for holidays and in the city. Like Eva Longoria and Bella Hadid

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Jeans and tank top, a casual classic

Jeans in combination with a tank top are a casual fashion classic. For the summer period when you are in the city, the outfit consisting of jeans and a tank top is ideal. If you choose, a better minimalist tank top: simple and essential design, better in neutral colors (primarily white or black). But also pastel colours, in vitamin shades or fluorescent shades. Some patterns are also popular, for example the maxi horizontal lines (like Chiara Ferragni in this photo, taken from her Instagram profile), vertical or oblique. The same goes for jeans: the choice is huge and ranges from moms to boyfriends to skinny jeans. The wash ranges from those typical of jeans (i.e. light blue or blue, called light wash and dark wash respectively) to black, white and any color with which the Genoa canvas (this is the name of denim) is dyed

Source: Corriere

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