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4 Cool Pants Styles For The Days You Don’t Want To Wear Jeans

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Many of us choose this timeless set for everyday looks, especially on days when we don’t know what to wear. The charm of this classic outfit is undeniable. But can I tell you something? Personally, the mere thought of wearing jeans on the street excites me. Although I often rely on my favorite jeans to create elegant everyday looks mine (even in summer) these days, it’s the only thing I don’t want to wear. In these casess, I turn to the charm, elegance and comfort of alternatives that offer me an equally stylish lookwhile jeans.

Alternatives you have when you don’t want to wear jeans

There are so many interesting alternatives to summer clothes. Never, because we rely so much on our favorite jeans to create everyday looks, we forget that there isn different styles of pants which can provide an equally elegant look.

With the help of our favorite Instagram girls, we’ve found 4 fantastic options for when you don’t feel like wearing jeans.


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Bermuda shorts are a fantastic alternative if you don’t feel like wearing jeans. Its length makes it suitable for many occasions: for office, party and even formal occasion if you choose the right design.

Instead of jeans, you can wear: Sports shorts

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Another trend that has returned to us in recent years. With homewear getting its due since the start of the pandemic and beyond, sports shorts are gaining a place in our wardrobe. Sporty cotton shorts like the “90s Cindy Crawford workout videos” are back in our wardrobes, offering a casual yet super cool everyday look.

Loose trousers

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Comfortable and casual clothing lines are a good and cool alternative to jeans. High-waisted paper bags, as well as more formal pleated bags, are always a good and stylish alternative. They will give you elegant outfits, and if you choose fabrics like linen that “breathe” you won’t get as hot when you wear them.

Instead of jeans, you can wear: Cropped leggings

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Take a cue from Carrie Bradshaw, who wore them, and opt for cropped leggings. Combining them with spectacular tops or beautiful airy tunics and your favorite mules, you will create truly fashionable ensembles.

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