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How many times a year do you need to cut your hair to keep it healthy and shiny?

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However, this by no means means that we should not cut our hair, even if we want to grow our hair faster. But do we need to visit the salon for a haircut from time to time if we want our mane to stay healthy and shiny?

How often should hair be cut?

According to hair experts, it all depends on each woman’s hair type (curly, straight, split ends, etc.), hair texture (thick, thin, etc.), and how technical problems she suffers. . work such as coloring or daily use of heat tools. For example very fine hair needs trimming every 4 weeks or so to maintain the health and shine of hair (usually once every one and a half to two months).

Hairstylist Blake Lively’s haircut advice

Of course, in general, a good time to visit the hairdresser and protect the ends of the hair from damage, This is every two to three months, that is, about four times a year. And all because, as the hairdresser Blake Lively says, “at three months, the hair begins to become more brittle (if you haven’t cut it at all). That is why you have to go to the hairdresser, make masks very often to keep them in shape. You have to take care of them the same way you would take care of your manicure, pedicure or eyebrows.”

And don’t forget, regular trims can prevent wear and tear, clean and keep your hair healthy and shiny. Of course, in the meantime, by investing in a good shampoo, conditioner, mask, using thermal protectors before styling your hair, and the right styling tools, they help keep your hair shiny.

Either way, it’s good consult your hairdresser for him to judge – by your hair type – when your hair needs a refresh.

Source: Lady Like

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