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Milan Fashion Week: Diesel jeans and a tribute to the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld at the Fendi show

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Of course, both in life and in fashion (especially in fashion) one must move forward. Probably, after all, the mood at Milan Fashion Week is this: move on. This “forward movement” of the Italian creators, after all, inspires us and invites us to take a fresh look at how we relate to fashion and, in fact, to our style. Thus, the first readings from the first exhibitions in Milan balance between celebration of female sexuality and modern minimalism. One that draws inspiration from past decades and reminds us of the important work of designers of the time (of course, among others Helmut Lang and Karl Lagerfeld).

Diesel & Fendi: What to expect from the presentations of the two brands

This climate is created by the Spring 2023 collections of two famous but completely opposite brands in terms of their aesthetics. On the one hand, we have Diesela brand that has been identified with the creation denim clothes. One that in recent seasons, under the artistic direction of Glenn Martens, has managed to become one of the hottest brands of the moment.

On the other hand, we have a home fendihouse which was led by Karl Lagerfeld for many years highlighting it as one of the most important luxury fashion brands. Now with Kim Jones in charge of the art direction, the house continues to set the trend with fresh designs that still retain Lagerfeld’s legacy. The obvious contrast between the two aesthetics helps us to see them. various aspects of spring fashion. If we want, we can experiment with cutting-edge designs and 2000s-inspired clothing. On the other hand, in the Fendi collection, we can succumb to modern minimalism, rich colors and luxurious fabrics.

In any case, the start of Milan Fashion Week had an impact on clothing. WhyIf we are going to talk about inclusion on the catwalks of Milan, we have nothing to say.. It is well known that Italian brands do not offer such an excuse to all women who crave representativeness.

Milan Fashion Week: Diesel Spring 2023 – denim, textures and tiny skirts

With over 3,000 guests, Diesel’s show has become one of the most anticipated shows of Fashion Month. Glenn Martens he wants to play with brand tradition and present his own, disruptive vision through his creations. And that’s what he did with the Diesel Spring 2023 collection.


The brand’s signature style is jeans, and of course they didn’t go missing at the show. There was also an unabashed celebration of sexuality with an invitation to become a sex toy. A huge inflatable “sculpture” of two people, similar to a porn scene, set the tone for the show. Petite tops, loose waistcoats and corsets, wide trousers and worn dresses and, of course, lots of denim. One denim look followed another, leaving us wanting more.

Inspired by his work at Y/Project, Martens is always experimenting with unexpected designs, and this also applies to jeans. “How can we redefine denim or make it unexpected?“- commented the designer. In this he managed to have a collection of amazing denim construction, which took a fresh look at how we feel about denim. Of course, the collection included not only such, but also quite a lot of Y2K stuff, such as silk outfits, skirts/belts with a 3D brand logo on the top, tie-dye, as well as leather outfits that confirmed to us that the fashion of the 00s is still in force. Sorry guys.


Fendi Spring 2023: modern minimalism and nods to Karl Lagerfeld

If that wasn’t enough for you Resort 2023 show presented by Fendi in New York in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, the Italian house gives you more. The brand presented its spring 2023 collection at Milan Fashion Week, as it has every season for many years. This time Mr. Kim Jones (artistic director of the house), he may not have collaborated with another designer or house, but “collaborated” with Karl Lagerfeld. In essence, he dived deep into the Lagerfeld archives and the legacy the iconic designer left behind in the Italian home.


“I’m interested to see what Carl has done and see how I can develop them – visually and technically”Jones said. In the end, the result was pretty familiar. Bring it back. the familiar double “F” logo which Lagerfeld developed in the 90s, but also with an emphasis on materials, on the most minimalist design (typical for Carl of the 00s), as well as mixing earthy colors with bold colors, the Fendi collection was a celebration of Carl’s legacy.


Pastel lime dresses, nude plush coats, satin coats and skirts, both elegant and modern, light luxury which goes well with the aesthetics of the house. OUR practicality well, it hasn’t disappeared from the collection, which has made luxury fashion more “accessible” and more grounded. Was the collection the most exciting we have ever seen on the runway? Maybe not, but she definitely left her mark on the legacy of the house as a whole.

Anyway, Milan Fashion Week was full of contrasts. Contrasts in fashion and style are always welcome.

Source: Lady Like

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