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Pierce Brosnan is photographed with his sons and the screen is full of charm

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Pierce Brosnan adopted the children of his first wife, Christopher and Charlotte, along with her, he also had a son, Sean. Christopher is now 49, Sean is 38, and Charlotte tragically died at the age of 41 in 2013. The actor has younger sons Dylan and Paris with Keely Shaye Smith. It was with two younger children that Pierce Brosnan starred for the British GQ magazine.

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The actor passed the baton of charm to 25-year-old Dylan and 21-year-old Paris. Two children of the actor in a joint interview said that they didn’t know their father was famous as a child. They just thought “that he had many friends.”

The above quote is from his musician son Dylan. “I always thought she had a lot of friends as a child because people approached him on the street and he is probably the nicest person, so he talked to everyone for a long time., — said 25-year-old Dylan. He himself admitted that he does not tell anyone who his dad is, therefore his friends are shocked when they finally find out about his famous family. “I don’t tell anyone this, under any circumstances”write down.

Pierce Brosnan admitted that despite having a very good relationship with his sons, he does not encourage them to follow in his footsteps in Hollywood and the world of acting. “Just because it’s [email protected]@@@@@@ is hard work. This is the cross you bear. You build and destroy yourself”– characteristically said Pierce Brosnan.

Despite the fact that he himself discouraged his children from acting, for Sean, his desire to be involved in the magical field of art was stronger. Sean has already starred in films such as My father is dying and in order No easy days.

Together with his youngest son, Paris Pierce, Brosnan is studying another art – painting. Pierce Brosnan studied painting and is going to present his first exhibition in 2023. As he told GQ magazine, he enjoys painting with his son Paris. as well as “filled with pride” when he sees his child’s work.

Pierce Brosnan has revealed that it was the death of his first wife Cassandra in 1991 due to ovarian cancer that motivated him to paint more. For him, it was a survival mechanism. “Burden and pain and fear of this disease I broke into the picture. I started painting. With my fingers. In fact, by hand.” the actor explained how he started painting more after his then-wife was diagnosed.

The works he created then will be included in his exhibition. “So we start, heavy,” he said and added: “But beautiful, beautiful.”

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