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Johnny Depp had an affair with his lawyer, but not the one you think

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Joel Rich represented Johnny Depp in his legal battle with the British newspaper The Sun, which used the designation “the one who beats his wife” (wifebeater) in their articles for the actor. A UK court acquitted the paper because it found the characterization to be “substantially correct”. And Johnny Depp may have lost the lawsuit, but he seems to have won in love. It’s unimaginable, if you ask me, how a court can find a description of wife-beating to be essentially true and you can still charm your lawyer, but the soul of the people is an abyss.

“They have great chemistry”a source close to the new couple told US Weekly. Their relationship is serious»he added. Joel Rich although he was not part of Johnny Depp’s legal team in his lawsuit against Amber Heard in Virginia, USA, was in court to support himThis is reported by the same publication.

Johnny Depp: new relationship

Joel Rich and Johnny Depp during a break in court in Fairfax, Virginia. / @2022 Steve Helber, Pool/AP Images

Joel Rich and Johnny Depp during a break in court in Fairfax, Virginia.

“She had no professional obligations to be there. It was personal.” said the same source. As he added, all this time the couple met “carefully” in hotels and spent time together, when their relationship began to build.

Joel Rich was married when she met Johnny Depp.however, according to the same source, now started divorce proceedings with her ex-husband, with whom she has two children.

As I wrote to you above, during the trial of Johnny Depp with Amber Heard There were rumors that the actor became close with his 38-year-old lawyer in the case, Camilla Vazquez.. She denied them from the start, emphasizing that such comments were sexist.

“I think that’s something that goes hand in hand with being a woman who does her job. It’s disappointing that some of the media have perpetuated this rumor or claimed that my associations with Johnny… he is my friend and I have been representing him for 4.5 years now- were inappropriate or unprofessional. It’s disappointing.” Vasquez said, among other things, at the time.

Johnny Depp: new relationship

Joel Rich hugs Camilla Vasquez during Johnny Depp’s trial in Virginia. / @2022 Steve Helber, Pool/AP Images

Joel Rich hugs Camilla Vasquez during Johnny Depp’s trial in Virginia.

The trial of Johnny Depp in Britain was the result of a lawsuit filed against her by the actor Sun in June 2018 for characterizing a “wife beater”. The article was about his future in the Fantastic Beasts films. The trial began in July 2020 and Four months later, the court ruled that the article did not slander Johnny Depp. In March 2021, the court rejected the actor’s appeal. for a solution.

Joel Rich told Deadline at the time that “I seriously doubt” British judge’s decision, adding that her client sought to “provide full, undeniable evidence of the truth in her US libel suit against Ms. Hurd”.

The trial in the United States began in April 2022, and in June Judge rules in favor of Johnny Depp. Amber Heard was ordered to pay her ex-husband $10.35 million in damages and he was ordered to pay her $2 million in damages for a defamatory comment made by his lawyer against her.

Source: Lady Like

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