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Paris Hilton has lost the Diamond Baby chihuahua, big reward

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These are days of fear for Paris Hilton. In fact, as of last Wednesday, her beloved Diamond Baby, the little brown and black Chihuahua who has been with her since 2016, has disappeared and the 41-year-old heiress has promised a hefty reward to those who will return him safe and sound or give her provide useful information to help you find it again, so that there are no questions about what happened. The announcement of the disappearance, complete with an email address to provide news, was posted by Hilton herself on her Instagram account on Monday, September 19, after the dog was last sighted in the Beverly Hills area near Mulholland Drive and Clarendon Road.

«I was at a photo shoot – the socialite writes in her post, at a clip with images of Diamond Baby – and we are moving. One of the movers must have left the door open. My family and friends helped me look for her all over my neighborhood and we went door to door, but we haven’t found her yet.” To hug her Chihuahua again, Hilton made every effort, even contacting a private detective, specializing in the disappearance of pets, and has also used them drones, but so far it has all been useless.

Hence the idea of ​​leveraging social media, although Hilton was initially reluctant to publicize Diamond Baby’s disappearance, “because people can be cruel and I fear for their safety, but I’m desperate. There will be a great reward for those who bring it back to me and ask no questions ». The disappearance announcement was also repeated on an IG Story series, where Hilton also shared calls from fans. Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet now understands my pain – concludes the heiress -. I am devastated, I am sad and depressed. Diamond Baby is my everything, she is really like a daughter to me. We were inseparable, she was my best friend and she was always by my side ».

Source: Corriere

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