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Prince Harry – Meghan Markle: Their bodyguard’s “secret” that can expose them

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51-year-old Pere Daobri, attacked his ex-wife Sara Jay in September 2016, leaving her “seconds to death”.This is reported by the British website express.co.uk. He was the one who called for immediate action after the attack on his wife, confessing to trying to strangle her in his phone call to the police. The fact is that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle strongly support victims of domestic violence and women’s rights, surprised the British press, which in reports wondered if the couple knew of their bodyguard’s past or not.

“Given how vocal Meghan Markle is about women’s issues, it’s amazing they hired a bodyguard with that kind of experience.”This was reported by the source of the Daily Mail. “His wife Sarah went through a really traumatic time with him and I’m sure if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle knew the whole story, they wouldn’t feel comfortable hiring him. as a bodyguard, added by the same person.

Pere Daori was convicted to 12 weeks of probation and 200 hours of compulsory community service.because the court appreciated the fact that he himself notified the authorities, pleading guilty to the attack. His father confirmed to the Telegraph newspaper that it was his son who was photographed with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in early September during their trip to the UK.

“Yes, this is my son in the photos with Harry and Meghan, but I don’t want to comment on his work. He is a grown man with four children and can speak for himself.”he said characteristically.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle through the Archewell organization they founded. made donations to structures for victims of domestic violence, and the Duchess of Sussex is the UN adviser on women’s affairs. In 2019, Meghan Markle spoke about the “crisis situation” that has developed in gender violence issues, during her trip to South Africa. He then spoke about perpetrators of domestic violence and the need to be held accountable for their actions. She emphasized that it is very important when a victim of domestic violence “talk to someone to get someone to do something.”

Meanwhile, the day after the death of Queen Elizabeth in Great Britain, they brought changes in the way members of the royal family are presented on its official website;. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, following their accession to the throne and the emergence of Charles as the country’s new monarch, were the latest on the site, along with Prince Andrew, who is seen as a discredited family member following a child sex abuse scandal in which he was implicated.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle


According to the Daily Mail, before the death of Queen Elizabeth, links leading readers to pages dedicated to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were located approximately in the middle of the main page, after senior working members of the royal family and before its younger members. Most, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved in under royals unknown to you and me (if not to the Brits themselves)such as the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, Princess Alexandra and the Duke of Kent (cousins ​​of Queen Elizabeth).

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