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Spoon trick for the prettiest hair bun

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Without the help of a hairdresser, friend or neighbor, video creator Ann used just a spoon (soup please) and some tweezers and achieved the result – a bun in her hair – worthy salon. Of course, she didn’t leave us speechless, she also posted a video on her Instagram showing all her movements exactly.

Hit the play button on the video and I’ll explain everything below!

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Spoon trick for the perfect bun:

As you saw in the video, Ann first braids all of her hair back into a braid (around ear level). She then attaches a tablespoon to the base of the tail, leaving most of it sticking out. Then she begins to divide her braid into small bundles and, taking one on the right and one on the left, she begins to pass them by the spoon, securing each time with a pin.

Then, fastening the ends of her hair (right and left) with a transparent elastic band, she braids a small French braid, which she secures with hairpins at the bottom of the bun. Finally, she takes the spoon out of her hair and carefully pulls her hair together with her fingers, forming a bun. She pins where needed with tweezers and opens specific points with her fingers to create a fuller effect on the hair. The bun is ready!

Source: Lady Like

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