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7 outfits to help you master layering

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I’ve talked a lot about layering, the technique of adding layers to an outfit, which, especially this year, with the weather being quite warm for this season, is very relevant. the secret to always balanced appearance. Thus, layering gives us the opportunity to “play” with our own style and with the existing clothes in our wardrobe, while creating unique looks.

Outfits to help you add layering to your everyday look

So, we can distinguish two main advantages that the layering of clothing is aimed at: practicality and uniqueness. In unpredictable weather, this method helps us create practical outfits that respond to weather changes. If, for example, you leave the house in the morning and it’s cold, and the temperature rises during the day and drops again in the evening, wear layered clothing, such as a sweater with a shirt underneath (which can be removed when you’re warming up or added when it’s cold), it’s about practicality. But on the other hand, finding ways to incorporate layering into your look results in you thinking more creatively, thereby creating more unique look.

The following sets are good examples. If you are having trouble understanding how to use this technique to your advantage, The following outfits will help you visualize the basic principles of layering.

Sleeveless sweaters are perfect to wear over long sleeves.

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The shirt can also be worn as a jacket over a casual ensemble.

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Slim turtleneck can be worn under clothing such as a dress

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Incorporate leggings into layers of Bermuda shorts or shorts.

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A cape or poncho can be worn over lighter or thicker ensembles.

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Wear your favorite summer dress by adding a shirt or turtleneck underneath.

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Sweater + Shirt: The most classic and guaranteed combination for layering.

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