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Maxi cardigan: a trend that combines comfort and style

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Among the different types of knitwear that we can experiment with, cardigans top the list. While these clothes are a must-have for fall wardrobes, there is a style that has a special honor this year: maxi cardigan.

The maxi cardigan is the result of the fashion of the late 90s and early 00s, two decades that have influenced the trends of recent years. But there are also some microtrends that have contributed to its growth. The good news is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this trend. And that’s because the maxi cardigan has so much more to offer us than regular cardigans. Her secret weapon is (obviously) her length.

Why is the maxi cardigan in trend?

If we look at it historically, cardigans have never been the most exciting piece of clothing. He was completely identified with the grandmother’s style and with the basics (basic items) of the wardrobe, thus referring to boring, uninteresting things. But after the pandemic, with the advent of home clothes and comfortable, cozy clothes, The cardigan has once again taken the lead in our looks. Of course, brands that have started to experiment more with their styles and designs have helped a lot with this, making cardigans much more fashion oriented.

Sacai Fall 2022 / Spotlight on Launchmetrics

Sakai Fall 2022

The maxi cardigan now undergoes the same treatment, a style inspired by the “Ayadist” style, but also cottagecore style, which gave the maxi cardigan a more romantic feel. In other words, we left the boring and moved on to the romantic. This was just the beginning of the resurgence of maxi-cardigans. Because then the big houses took over, where through their collections on the runway we see the funniest version of it. Thus, according to the fall 2022 collections, the maxi cardigan is colorfulhe received 00s linkshe received “3D” elements, from pom pom, before wings etc.

Aniye Records Fall 2022 / Spotlight on Launchmetrics

Anie Records Autumn 2022

This makes you look at the maxi cardigan in a different way and treat it not as a boring garment, but as a very interesting one. It’s grunge, it’s sexy, it exudes elegance, it has color so it’s fun and the list goes on. All of this makes us see the perspective of the cardigan, as well as the different ways we can incorporate it into our look. The length helps us a lot in this, as we can “play” with the length of our clothes. If, for example. if the cardigan is long and the dress, trousers or skirt is shorter, then each time we will also have a different result in our ensemble. So, even if the maxi cardigan looks boring in the eyes of some, one look at the podium will surely change their minds.

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Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2022

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Molly Goddard Fall 2022

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Chanel Fall 2022

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