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Paulina Porizkova reveals: “A 15-year-old photographer put his genitals on my shoulder”

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At the age of 15, Paulina Porizkova was subjected to severe sexual harassment by a photographer with whom she had to do a photo shoot in Paris. And that episode was a double shock for the Czech-born model, because it was the first time she had seen male genitals and because all the women in the room laughed.

“I was sitting in front of the mirror and they were doing my makeup when the photographer came up from behind and I felt something warm and heavy on my shoulder,” Porizkova said during her appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk.” He laughed, the makeup artist laughed, the hairdresser laughed. They all laughed. And I was like, “What is this? It looks like some kind of brown flower, but it looks like pantyhose filled with mashed potatoes.” I couldn’t figure out what it was at all and it wasn’t until the photographer stepped back and zipped up his pants that I realized it was his penis.”

However, aside from the unpleasant “close encounter” with the male genitalia (“it was the first time I saw a penis”), the model shocked the behavior of the people who witnessed the gruesome scene. “All the smiling people in the room were women and they told me that it was not the first time that the photographer behaved like this and that it was a joke he was playing with all the young models.”

However, Porizkova declined to name names and limited herself to acknowledging that “there was a lot of sexual harassment in the fashion industry and it was part of that culture”, except, however, to admit that if she saw something similar on one of her hair today nieces « I would be shocked and probably kill someone.

Source: Corriere

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