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Timeless, stylish and everyday: the only 4 boots you need this year

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This is due to the main (and most important, in my opinion) element that characterizes boots: versatility them. What does it mean; That their use is not limited to one occasion. In other words, it cannot be said that boots are worn only in the office. Or at a party. Or at weddings. This also applies to clothing. These shoes (for us) also do not impose any restrictions. They go equally well with dresses and skirts, as well as with jeans, jumpsuits or leggings. So now you see why, if I had to pick one shoe style for a fall (and winter) look, I would choose ankle boots?

Boots are multi-tools. 4 things to put in your wardrobe

But that’s what boots are: versatile and timeless. They are worn everywhere and you will wear them all your life. Especially if you choose a design that is not necessarily trend based. However, you can succumb to the trend however, without feeling like you are making a purchase with short-term value. Investing in a fashion trend does not necessarily mean throwing money at the altar of trends. If you’re on a budget or just basing your purchases on timeless markets, the styles of boots that are worn the most this year are not so “weekend”. This is not true fashionista so no one can wear them on time or not on time. because based on designfrom the style of the heel to how comfortable they are, it gives them a timeless feel.

This of course means you may already have some of the following boot styles in your closet, or if you’re about to make a purchase, you’ll know it’s an investment. We said that one way to make greener choices for our wardrobe is to we buy less and buy better. Better in terms of design and quality.

So, below you will find 5 different styles of boots that will be worn frequently this year and next and beyond.


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nipples or else combat boots, they are here to stay. Since last year we have seen them often worn in street style, however this shoe style never goes out of style. This is partly due to the practicality that characterizes them, as they are extremely comfortable due to their design. Of course, there is something rough and fatal about them, which gives our appearance an edge.

kitten heels

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Comfortable, elegant and timeless. kitten heels like low, thin heels are the result of the “pandemic fashion” that wants us to have an elegant and well-groomed look that is comfortable to walk in. Kitten heels are exactly what you will wear for the rest of your life.

intense nose

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Shoes, especially boots with sharp nose, they are like stilettos. They’re sexy, they’re sassy, ​​but unlike stilettos, they’re much more comfortable. This is quite a flattering style because the design gives the illusion of lengthening the leg, making it look taller. In any case, it is necessary, it is necessary.


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You may feel that cowboy booties have an expiration date, but they don’t. Nothing about their design makes them more “special”, especially if you choose a classic color like brown or black. Their heel is comfortable and extremely modern and perfect when you need a little headroom but without having to sacrifice your comfort.

Source: Lady Like

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