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Botox on legs for high heels: how far will you go in fashion?

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Thus, the new trend is in demand by those who wear them. high heelsbut cannot walk on them, use this method to make walking more comfortable. Currently “why” that hovers in all this impulse, which has taken possession of many, with the aim of serving a transient fashion trend, like high heels, remains unanswered for me. However, science seems to confirm that this stuff works, so anyone with the time or money can succumb to this unprecedented trend. But let’s see how does botox work on legs and how it helps with high heels.

As heels rise to the podium, so does Botox in the legs.

Fashion is a living organism. It is completely influenced by what is happening in society, which has an impact on the trends of the season. So, when we were under house arrest for two years, where our exits were limited, comfort in clothes and shoes became the main trend. However, with the return to normal life, the designers wanted us to “free” (somewhat literally) from the comfort of Birkenstocks and sneakers that brought back the fashion for high heels. Very high platforms, spectacular heels and even sneakers began to get taller, not a little, but a lot. So, the higher the heels, the more difficult it becomes to walk.

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This results in women (or anyone who wears heels) turning to unexpected alternatives such as foot botox. When Xylocaine Doesn’t Work, Get Botox on Your Feet to Stop High Heels from Soreness! As strange as it may seem to you, science confirms that this method works.

Botox makes it easier to walk in high heels

According to Fashionista, a new study has found that many Botox users are getting their legs done to get rid of high heels. neuromodulators such as botox, they relax the nerves (they essentially block the movement of the nerves) so you don’t feel pain when you wear high heels. A dose of Botox, then in the right place and the discomfort caused by high heels is immediately reduced.

But the sacrifices for high heels don’t stop there. Many women, they seem to put fillers at their feet to protect the nerves as well as the bones of the feet from the stress caused by high heels. For the record, basically what happens to fillers is that they penetrate the point of the foot. to create a more pronounced arch, especially if someone has a wide foot that makes it difficult to walk in certain shoes. The experts also say that Botox also helps with calluses and rough skin created by high heels and shoes in general.

So, you want to wear Valentino high platforms? The trend is to do Botox on the legs. This is not the only non-cosmetic use of Botox, as many use it to stop sweating or stop migraines, even if they have a sensitive bladder. Who knows; In the future, we may discover other alternative uses for Botox. Well done fashion trends that keep us on our toeshe said with a touch of irony).

Source: Lady Like

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