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Princess Charlotte received the title of Queen Elizabeth on the orders of Charles

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The title of Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh is one of the most senior in the royal family. After the death of Queen Elizabeth, Charles passed the title to his brother, Prince Edward. No matter how much you saw him, Edward saw him too. The title goes to Princess Charlotte..

Charles wanted to do this in honor of his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, whoshe held the title of Duchess of Edinburgh until she ascended the throne in 1952..

“Discussions are ongoing, but the king believes that the title should go to Princess Charlotte. This would be a reference to the Queen, who was, of course, the Duchess of Edinburgh, and a way for Charles to keep the line of succession“, the messages say.

Princess Charlotte breaks it

Princess Charlotte has made history again with this title. He first did this before he was born, when Queen Elizabeth changed the rules of succession.

Before this decision girls lost their turn in the order of succession when boys were born in the same family. So when William and Kate’s third child, Louis, was born, he didn’t overtake her and kept her position. Princess Charlotte is ranked third behind her father and older brother George..

The case of Charlotte is very similar to the case of Charles’s sister, Princess Anna. With one important difference. Princess Charlotte will not relinquish the line of succession until her older brother George has children.

When William becomes king George would become Duke of Cornwall and then Prince of Wales.. What won’t happen? Duke of Edinburgh. The title remains with Charlotte. We haven’t read the official announcement yet, but Sunday is a short holiday.

For history

Duke of Edinburgh, named after the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. it is the primary title given to members of the British royal family three times since 1726.. It does not include land holdings and does not generate income for the title holder.

This title was last held by Charles III, who inherited the title on 9 April 2021 after the death of his father, Prince Philip, for whom the name was created for the third time in 1947. after marrying Queen Elizabeth II.

The title remained with Charles III until 8 September 2022 when he succeeded to the throne of the United Kingdom and the title merged into the Crown.

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