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Orfeas Augustidis hugging his son is the cutest thing you’ll see today

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More precisely, these are the posts that he makes Orpheus Augustidis with his son that cause attraction overload in our eyes and heart. Posts like the one the actor made a few days ago.

“embrace” — wrote Orfeas Augustidis, posting a photo with his son Achilles. It shows his young son resting on his father’s lap during their walk through the city. The tenderness and love that he radiates it will make you smile. Even if today is Monday.

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A post posted by Orfeas Avgoustidis (@orfeas_avgoustidis)

Orfeas Augustidis and his partner Georgia Crassa, whom the actor mentioned in his post, became parents in April 2021. Their son Achilleas was baptized on the day of the wedding, which took place on the estate in Koropi.

“It’s magical I am happy that this creature has entered my life, and we are very grateful to him. We’re trying to zero out with my Georgia and be there for him to do our best.”spoke about his son and how he and his wife are raising him, an actor on the show It can’t get any better.

Orfeas Augustidis continues to act in the television series Alpha. Zasmusand in the theater repeats a successful monologue this year Turing machine at the New Theater of Katerina Vasilyakova. In fact, he recently won the 1st Best Actor Award for his performance of this particular monologue at the Athenorama Theater Awards.

“I don’t know how the series will end, and whether there will be a third season. If I would like to support him, it is too early to answer you, because we have a long way to go.

It’s nice to end where it needs to be, and I want to say that sammus must end at the climax»Sasmos TV star, Orfeas Augustidis, told television cameras recently.

From point of view the main couple of the series and whether the audience will see them together againOrpheas Augustidis expressed his opinion with disarming honesty. “If you never saw Asteris and Argyro together, you would take the numbers he makes and put them in our armpits. At some point, I think you will see them, yes”– he noted in the same televised messages.

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