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Breakthrough on the Oscars red carpet: The Academy asks stars for eco-friendly clothing

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On March 12, Los Angeles will host the 95th Academy Awards. And the Oscars is a red carpet that usually attracts stars to make one more glamorous than the other. But in the age of environmentalism, it’s time to envision a more planet-friendly red carpet. To do this, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences works together with RCGD Global, an organization that promotes sustainability in the world of entertainment, revealing its “Sustainable Style Guide” that the Academy of the Oscars wants to send to its 3,000 guests before the ceremony.

This little guide encourages guests to search vintage clothing or archival clothing rented from big houses and forget polluting materials such as polyester and chemical dyes. Instead, he recommends favoring “fabrics derived from natural sources,” such as linen, hemp, wool, and plant-derived materials. The guide also recommends preparing for the “after” by giving a second life to these exceptional clothes, either by wearing them again in the future or by donating them to an association for example.

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